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3 Top Tips for Painting a Wall

As you might have guessed, we love painting! With a brush or a roller, we find it therapeutic and a new colour on a wall can give a tired room a new lease of life.

Click on the image below to watch our video of top tips for painting a wall.  The colour is ‘Peach for the Sky’ our eco-friendly, low VOC, child-safe paint that we love as, in sunlight, it makes the room glow. I had an accident so I have a pink glitter cast on my hand – I chose the pink and the glitter!  What are your tips?

Top tips for painting a wall
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Sometimes all you need is a splash of colour

Welcome to MY HOWSE

We’re delighted to finally be able to share our little secret with you.  Something we’ve been working on for a while all hush hush!  Let’s go back to the beginning and we’ll tell you how it started.

Home Refurbishment

Our home was looking very tired and worn, in much need of some love and attention.  So we set aside the task of refurbishing it from scratch, literally. Gutting it to the bare walls and even removing some of them, oh the joys of a using a hammer drill and large mallet for demolition – Pretty therapeutic and satisfying!

When there was nothing much left but a hollow shell, slowly step by step we started to add back the layers, like re-peeling an onion. Starting with plaster, floorboards, skirting boards and door frames. 

Passionate about colour, our next task was selecting the colours and paints to cover the walls, ceilings and doors. That’s when we became a little stuck……  Or overwhelmed is a better adjective.  So vast was the range of colours, finishes and different types of paints, we didn’t know which to choose and thought that if the paint wasn’t a well-known brand then it wouldn’t be much good either.

Which paint to choose?

Chemistry Lessons

That’s when we started researching paint, right back from its humble beginning, the basics as in chemistry lessons at school.  We analysed polymers, substrates and additives to understand how paint was formulated in the laboratory as well as how to test it for quality control.  We thought that surely we could develop our own very special formula, one that we would choose in our own home. We were determined that it had to be premium as well as being eco-friendly and kinder to the environment. Did we also mention child-safe so we could sleep soundly at night, knowing our little ones were too?

Chosen Formula

Finally after alot of experimentation, we found it.

A formula that we we loved.

I mean really loved.

Thick and creamy, it had the lustre and feel of a premium paint being smooth to apply and with a long-lasting, luxurious finish. The recipe was water-based with low odour, not forgetting that it was almost free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). You might have heard about VOCs, in a nutshell they are carbon-based chemicals found in many paints that are emitted into the air.  Our paints are virtually free from VOCs and so they are kinder to the environment.  Our paint tins are recyclable – So after use please do to take them to your local recycling centre.

Last and certainly not least, we wanted to create a paint that was safe for our children, the generation of tomorrow. We spent alot of time and effort checking how this would be possible and we were thrilled when our formula obtained Child Safety Certification that means it can be used in children’s bedrooms and nurseries. We sleep better at night when our children are sleeping soundly too.

So that’s when MY HOWSE was born.

Our First Collection – ‘A Splash of Colour’

Our first Collection is inspired by complementing and contrasting colours that we have carefully chosen to add warmth, style and elegance to your home. Sometimes spaces look beautiful and calm with neutral or paler colours. But why not add a little attitude? Sometimes all you need is a splash of colour!

We hope that you enjoy using our paint as much as we have enjoyed making it.

Kate x